Are you ready to release SHAME?

This is a sweet online offering that helps us find our solid ground again. Root & Bone Work is a deep, personal journey into the Roots of our inherited belief systems. We uproot those that no longer serve & graft our hearts to our real truth, to our own Bones.  In it's final iteration, it will be a 13 Module, 13 Moon Cycle linear year long commitment to a journey of personal liberation.For 2021, each Module will be released separately as Great Mystery requests...In Module 1 we explore the Root of SHAME; releasing & composting as we reclaim the Bones of our own ground, truth, wisdom & self acceptance.  Through this lens, you will be immersed in my personal practices for softening the relationship with SHAME.  Included are a Moon cycle of journal prompts, embodiment practice, guided meditation along withTarot tools & practices that you can work with beyond this course!   There is also an opportunity to find commUNITY with a private Facebook group as well as on the course platform - we can explore this tender topic together! You will complete this Module feeling more self love, internal peace & with tools to dive deeper into the Roots where SHAME was first gifted to you.  You will experience the spaciousness of leaning into your own Bones & knowing you are exactly as you are meant to be, in this moment, whole and sovereign. Root & Bone Work is designed to flow with the energy of a single Moon Cycle... AND you will have access to the material for 90 days so NO stress required! This offering was designed with integration in mind as well as the knowledge of how full all our lives are at this time! There is just enough material to begin your unraveling of SHAME without being overwhelmed. This journey of personal agency, shamelessness & liberation awaits... Exchange for the work is only $52 (prices will go up for future releases...). Module One begins January 12, 2021. Available for pre-enrollment beginning Great Conjunction/Solstice December 21, 2020 You can join the course here ~

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Container

    • Building the Container Together

    • Initiation into Root & Bone Work

  • 2

    New Moon ~ INVESTIGATE the ROOTS


    • Journal Prompts ~ Roots

    • New Moon Notes PDF

  • 3

    First Quarter ~ ALLIES in the TAROT

    • Tarot Companion Cards for working with SHAME

    • Audio Alternative for Tarot Companion Cards for working with SHAME

    • First Quarter Notes PDF

  • 4

    Full Moon ~ BRING the HIDDEN to LIGHT

    • Embodiment Practice to find SHAME ~ ASK BODY

    • Process for ASK BODY PDF

    • Journal Prompts for Bones PDF

    • Full Moon Notes PDF

  • 5

    Last Quarter Moon ~ TAROT PRACTICE

    • Audio exploration of three Tarot Spreads

    • 3 card spread on SHAME PDF

    • 4 card spread on SHAME PDF

    • One card spread on SHAME PDF

  • 6



    • Guided audio mediation for Grafting Roots to Bone

    • Conclusion for SHAME PDF

    • INFLUENCES for Root & Bone Work PDF

Wyld Lee Tarot

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We begin January 12, 2021

This Module will not be available again until 2022...

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